BELONGING supports a classroom ecosystem where ‘Everyone matters, everyone counts.” Through the Belonging game and teacher training, children exercise control over the social and emotional space of their classrooms, and teachers have time to teach.


Our values determine what we are willing to live for. They are: Health; Relationships; Quality of Life; Lifelong Learning; Living our Purpose on purpose; and translating what is meaningful into measurable results, producing benefits that benefit all.


We are a team of committed individuals who share a vision that is underscored by noble values and unique competencies.  We are working with individuals who embody open hearts and attitudes; and groups that share our vision and live values that are aligned with ours. Through conscious cooperation, our combined competencies and experiences can achieve more than any of us could alone. High levels of competence that often overlap, the team co-operates using the same principles learned by the teachers, and implemented by the students when they build BELONGING.



Aaron has been transforming education since way back when he hacked his own high school experience. He has been creating and facilitating novel learning experiences for others ever since. Aaron is equally at home facilitating learning experiences with students, co-creating new definitions of success with cross-stakeholder school groups, and working with school administrations clarifying vision and developing strategic plans. Aaron believes there is nothing more important for a sustainable future than reframing how we approach education.


Lynnclaire Dennis - VISIONARY


Feeling, thinking and responsibly helping people deconstruct the boxes that others have built to constrain their spirit comes naturally to Lynnclaire. She knows that authenticity is self-formed, and understands why so many teachers are sick and tired of forcing kids to conform. Two decades of working in mathematics and physics, she led an international team who mapped the dynamic template that reveals how unity is the consequence of diversity. When this blueprint made it clear how all Nature’s fundamental forms fit into a single system, BELONGING was born! More about her work can be found at Mereon.org

Jytte Brender McNair - Evaluation

Time Shifter

As a board member, Jytte brings her expertise in knowledge management and whole systems to directing the assessment and over-time evaluation of all BELONGING programs. Her involvement with the original project in Denmark and the first implementation in Italy, gives her first hand experience from which to direct the team collecting and coordinating feedback and data from teachers, student, and parents implementing BELONGING. Jytte and her team will be responsible for publication of all results.

To be Appointed

Space Bender

The Space Bender is a detail person, one who is able to follow the fast moving flow of multiple projects and redirect energy when necessary to insure that all thrive. They are responsible to ensure that once a decision is made, grounded, communicated and funded, that everyone is free and has what they need to grow with the flow.  

Jahnavi Dwight Barker - Financial

Light Lifter

Responsibility to connect the dots related to legal and fiscal issues is a role that Jahnavi has done professionally for decades. Her tasks include making sure the coffers are full before paying bills, as well as doing the hard stuff most of us hate, keeping things light and bright by filing corporate documents, coordinating international accountants and bookkeepers, as well as making sure tax returns are filed and paid on time!


Wave Tamer

As a lean, loving and fast growing team we are working together to initiate a global project, each of us accepting responsibility to live from our common values. Our commitment is to cooperate from our strengths, and willingly share our vulnerabilities as we strive to consciously communicate feelings and thoughts with clarity, courage and love.

Paul “Yeshi” Eperjesi, Project Design and Delivery

Gate Keeper

Yeshi’s compassion and positive approach to life influences everything and everyone he touches.  A Masters in Education, specialising in Sustainability and Leadership, he brings over four decades of committed this work. An early career as senior physical therapist at the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Centre in Australia, led him to explore the mind and body connection through meditation and fitness.  He took this knowledge and went on to found the largest corporate training and coaching company in Sydney, Australia, serving as its CEO until he sold it to advance to his ‘next’ stage of life. Yeshi learned of this work while teaching at the Green School in Bali, where the why and what he brings as a facilitator began to grow. He facilitated the BELONGING beta there in the Spring of 2017. Intentionally fostering self-growth through his involvement with Spirituality, Leadership and Management (SLAM) conferences, men’s work, vision quests, rites of passage, and New Dad’s program at Relationships Australia, Yeshi currently calls Bali home! 

SAMEER ZAVERY - brand / design director


Sameer is a multi-disciplined Design Director at Astralize Design & Animation. His creative skills are in great demand by clients needing a comprehensive image makeover.  His ability to move seamlessly between the screen, print and web, creates consistent and fully-immersive brand experiences. With an international background and a passion for traveling, his design solutions have a global perspective that are in-tune with todays worldwide trends. Sameers' innate understanding of spiritual principals and the metaphysical world helps him inspire others on his quest to design a better tomorrow.

Catarina Teixeira - PR & Marketing


Catarina is passionate about communicating, in all ways possible. Her gift is helping develop projects and finding the most creative ways to share them with the outside world by combining marketing concepts, images and words. As a loving mother, her deep concerns about the educational system, locally and globally, have led her to start an alternative school project for her daughter. She is fulfilling her dream to participate on the co-creation of a new world where BELONGING leads to a happier life, for her, her daughter, and all the Children.