Discovering Your Youniverse



Discovering Your Youniverse through MY REQUEST is an online course that lets you explore and decide what it means to be naturally extraordinary.

This 10-session experience is an opportunity to learn to use and fuse all your intelligences. Each session is you articulating a particular ‘reality’; naming what lights your fire and what grounds you so your feelings are free to flow. It’s a self-guided experience in understanding why laughter, stillness and naps cultivate perspective so you can align and yes, sometime juggle your priorities to sustain the quality of your lifetime.

Are you ready to reaffirm your connection with the Universe and yourself?

MY REQUEST is a self-led adventure towards an understanding that leads to transformation. There’s no requirement to buy into a belief, repeat a mantra or follow anyone else’s rules.

MY REQUEST is you choosing to make time to reclaim or discover what is true for you.

MY REQUEST is making time to go inside and rebuild your internal foundation, doing so in a way where personal meaning and measurable results fuse.

MY REQUEST is an opportunity to grow a true appreciation of your unique interconnection with all that ever was, is, or will be.

Ask yourself:

Might you expand your potential if you knew how to connect all your inner realities with your external reality?

Do you think your quality of light would increase in you knew how to end the pain of feeling you’re living with terminal uniqueness? 

Would your life change if you knew how to tune in and harmonise with the Universe’s Song?

Are you ready to understand how your voice either turns you on or off?

Are you ready for your body, heart and brain to harmonised so you can participate in The Dance of Life?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, MY REQUEST is is for you.

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