Discovering Your Youniverse


Discovering Your Youniverse is learning to use and fuse your physical and emotional intelligences. It’s discovering why laughter and naps cultivate perspective and help you find your connection with the Universe. If you know it’s time for change, this experience will lead to a new understanding and will let you free your spirit to fly. This 2-day experience is an opportunity to explore what it means to be naturally extraordinary. It’s making time to discover new knowledge from science that lets you cultivate a new perspective, realising what’s working in your life and why. DYY is a chance to make time for yourself, going inside to rebuild your inner foundation in a way where meaning and measurable results fuse. It is an opportunity to grow true appreciation of your unique interconnection with everything that ever was, is, or will be.

Everything is connected.

What’s your potential if you knew how to connect your inner realities?

Identifying the six parts that make you whole and who you are is an experience where authenticity is called forth. It is a time for self-knowledge to deepen. It is an opportunity to grow a true appreciation of your unique interconnection with everything that ever was, is, or will be, and to feel appreciated by others.

Unity occurs through diversity.

Would you like to end the pain of feeling terminally unique? 

This experience in learning transcends ego, showing you why self-centring is essential to growing healthy realationships from inside out.

Sound is fundamental to every connection.

How would your life change if you could tune in with the Universe’s Song?

Hearing and seeing the Universal Quantum Frequency —the inaudible made audible and visible— lets you realise the only difference between you and anything else is the conditions at the time the Universe wrote the piece you sing in the Song! This experience is you making time to write your lyrics!

Sound ignites light.

What would it mean to understand how your voice turns lights on or off?

Your voice is essential to everyone hearing theirs. During the hours of waking and dreaming you will feel new warmth and see new lights as you remove the ‘regulators’ and dimmer switches you didn’t realise were there.

A Universal Frequency illumines your heart and brain.

What would happen if your heart and brain harmonised and you began to Dance?

Learning how to end burnout is to discover how to transform possible breakdowns into breakthroughs! This experience is discovering new methods and tools and meeting new people, paving your life path as you consciously explore how to evaluate the potential in every possibility!