MASTERPEACE is an online experience of growing understanding how to fuse your body and spirit finding harmony through self-expression in words, images and art.

Your 10-session journey begins with MY REQUEST, a life-course where you chart your path while rediscovering your vision and values. It’s learning how to free yourself by discovering how to make healthy, life-affirming decisions. It’s growing genuine self-understanding preparing to discover that what you think is true for you is affirmed or challenged in every relationship. Looking within to find your answers to universal questions, you discover how to re-right, rebalance, and revision your life without having to lie or otherwise revise your life story. The re-genesis of self-acceptance opens joy and paves your path to inner peace. By opening and knowing that you are loveable, you discover how to allow yourself be loved, discovering that deserving is the fundamental to serving in co-creative realationships where a genuine quality of life is nurtured and protected.