Celebrating Parents

Without a doubt parenting is one of the most challenging responsibilities a human being can take on.  About the time a child becomes verbal, parents begin to realize that this ‘assignment' is going to be a challenge. Most quickly realise that parenting is the last stand of the amateur given that no child has ever arrived with an instruction book in hand.  Being a parent is a noble call that includes and far exceeds any perceived sense of duty.  

Celebrating Parents is a free evening event, an introduction to SURRENDERING, a 2-day course intended to help parents build their relationship from inside out.  


SURRENDERING is an experience to prepare for or deal with kids who are doing their job —pushing boundaries. It doesn’t mean running a white flag up the proverbial pole, or letting kids make the rules, and run the show.  

SURRENDERING is a time to discover how to make parenting a win-win-win experience.

SURRENDERING is learning to make love the Law, rules co-created and evolved in a way where authenticity wins.

SURRENDERING is about exploring why being natural is essential to a healthy body and spirit spirit, and how uniqueness is essential to meaningful relationships. 

SURRENDERING is making time to learn how to love your kids from inside out without your kids thinking you’re backwards.

SURRENDERING is learning how to become a conscious parent raising children who understand the relationship between conscience, cause and consequence.

SURRENDERING is learning to be lovingly, while responding appropriately in real time to the best of your ability.

SURRENDERING is an experience that lets you as a parent write a new chapter in the book of your life, putting the first ink on the page of a PlayBook you write with your kids.

Most importantly, you will leave SURRENDERING knowing you are not alone!

Connect with us today to learn when, where and how to join us for this experience!