The Psalms of the Grandmothers


The world is starving for wisdom. People are thirsty for love, craving understanding and yearning for human touch.

SINGCRONEICITY is a project to celebrate noble women over the age of 79. This is an invitation to honour a woman who has touched your life, helping shape your heart and nurture your growth. This is the time and now is your chance to consciously invite her to gather her memories and lovingly share them with you, your family, her community and the World by participating in the BELONGING INNERVIEWS.

Her memories shall become a treasure trove that can be opened any time, a jewel that catches the light and help you and many others remember what matters, generating benefits that grow long beyond a single lifetime.

If you know such a woman, invite her to share lessons she passed that she would like to pass on. In doing so you can revive her hopes and breathe love into her dreams for your future and the Future. Connect with us today if you know and love a wise women whose wisdom you want to be a whole part of a Legacy gathered to benefit you and future generations.


 Wise Reflections in Time

We’re ready to conduct BELONGING INNERVIEWS with men whose lives —their love, compassion, critical thinking and wisdom— have made a positive impression on your life.

Wisdom is desperately missing in our world today and we need it to advance to the next stage of our evolution. We feel it’s time to gather what we can before its lost, and SAGES is a project we designed to the voices of men over the age of 79. It is time to hear from those who have served in every walk of life, hearing the voices of those who have been silenced or laboured with love in silence for so long.

This is an invitation for you to introduce us to a true wisdom keeper, a man who is willing to share his perspective on lessons he has passed so we can better understand our present and consciously cooperate to co-create a sustainable future. In a simple recorded phone call, each will be asked a series of simple but compelling questions about their successes, failures, and valuable lessons they want us to remember.

Do you know a man who you and others respect for his strength and humility, a man with a lifelong reputation for conscious caring who has honoured unity and celebrated diversity? If so, ask him if he is willing to share his feelings and thoughts in a one-hour recorded call! If he’s open to the BELONGING INNERVIEW connect and let us know!