Following every EDUCARING event we offer a free evening event to introduce parents to BELONGING and introduce them to SURRENDERING, a 2-day course to help them build themselves, their relationship and their role as parents from inside out.  When parents have an experience with their kids or hear about BELONGING, they often ask —with a sense of urgency— if there is a solution to help parents.

The answers is, “Yes!”

The title of this course says it all; ’SURRENDERING: Parent’s Last Stand’. Many know full well that this task often feels like the last stand of the amateur. Take heart because surrendering doesn’t mean running a white flag up the proverbial pole, letting kids make the rules and run the show. Neither does it mean that you or anyone else gets to defend a position. And no one has the right to insist on being right, or in any way justify stronger controls. Whether you have toddlers, tweens, or teens, a tickle started at the back of your brain about the time your child became verbal. It was a prescient knowing that this self-accepted assignment was going to be a real challenge. 

“I feel like I was given a magic wand in this evening. Now I just need a lesson in how to use it!” I. Molina, Marbella, Spain

"It was for me a total complete pleasure to spend last night with you !! Everything about the evening was amazing!! Every experience I am having recently seems to be perfectly harmonised with the next and all tie together magically as if slowly steps are appearing in front of me and guiding me to a higher place. More.” P. Otzen, Marbella, Spain

"This is a real game changer for relationships, for family. To understand it and bring this to my family, I first must use it myself in everyday life. This is why I will definitely take the next course to more fully understand.” M. Verbyle, Estapona, Spain

Surrendering is an experience for those experiencing ‘in your face’ encounters with kids who are doing their job —pushing the boundaries. It’s discovering that parenting isn’t about winning or losing; it's about making sure that love is the law and that authenticity wins. We explore why you being natural is essential to the spirit, and how being natural is unique for everyone. It’s a time to learn how to love from inside out without your kids thinking you’re backwards or worse.

Conscious parenting is a responsibility you grow into.  

Learning how to be lovingly while responding appropriately in real time to the best of your ability is the challenge of every adult who parents themselves and a child. Being a parent is a noble call and exceeds all sense of perceived duty because no child, including you, ever shows up with an instruction book in hand.

This experience lets you write a new chapter in your book of life as both a child and as a paren. While the tools let you write a new playbook with your partner and kids, what most love discovering in this experience is that they’re not alone!

  • SURRENDERING is an experience to prepare for or deal with kids who are doing their job —pushing boundaries.

  • SURRENDERING is learning to set boundaries that build respect (It doesn’t mean running a white flag up the proverbial pole, or letting kids make the rules, and run the show.).

  • SURRENDERING is a time to discover how to make parenting a win-win-win experience.

  • SURRENDERING is learning to make love the Law, rules co-created and evolved in a way where authenticity wins.

  • SURRENDERING is about exploring why being natural is essential to a healthy body and spirit spirit, and how uniqueness is essential to meaningful relationships.

  • SURRENDERING is making time to learn how to love your kids from inside out without your kids thinking you’re backwards.

  • SURRENDERING is learning how to become a conscious parent raising children who understand the relationship between conscience, cause and consequence.

  • SURRENDERING is learning to be lovingly, while responding appropriately in real time to the best of your ability.

  • SURRENDERING is an experience that lets you as a parent write a new chapter in the book of your life, putting the first ink on the page of a PlayBook you write with your kids. Most importantly,

SURRENDERING lets you realise you are not alone!

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