Growing an Intrepreneurial Organisation


In a healthy organisation H.R. stands for Human Realationships.


A healthy organisation is a space where a vision grows, blossoms and evolves because ideas are seeded in the fertile loam of realationships where shared values regenerate trust.

The Intrepreneurial Organisation [TIO] helps visionaries and teams grow ‘innerpersonally’ and interpersonally, developing relationships on a foundation that includes and transcends diverse cultures and creeds. Developing new capabilities, they dramatically increase their ability to respond in the moment, effectively solving challenges that free them to grow and evolve.

Building an I.O. starts with a two-day experience; participants learn to identify the fundamental pieces that are essential to living their vision and values. Only then can teams establish the connections that allowed them to cooperate, meeting the mandates necessary to achieve their shared objectives. Teams then return to their workplace, putting what they have learned into practice, mastering the skills of conscious co-creation and innovating in real time as they experience what it is to cooperate and fulfil their part of a shared purpose with passion.

In a second, 2-day experience those leading the organisation come together as “ME’s” to consider the “WE” perspective, exploring how to evolve the organisation as a whole.