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 First Questions

Conscious Co-Operation & Self-Selection

Conscious Co-Operation is fuelled by the shared values that pulse the heart and allow the clarity of a vision to remain clear. Before articulating what this invitation is to and about, let us ask:

  1. Are ‘Health’ and ‘Authenticity’ at the top of your core values?

  2. Does your Purpose wrap around a vision that affirms inclusion?

  3. Do you know that what has to be done is more than the work of one person?

  4. Are you open-hearted and open-minded?

  5. Are you ready to discover how order gives rise to beauty, unity occurring through diversity?

  6. Do you have an audience ready, wanting and waiting to learn something new from your unique perspective?

  7. Are you ready to expand your world from inside out, using your personality without pandering to ego?

  8. Are you ready to make new memories, learning how to share your story in a way that inspires others to feel, think, remember, dream, and do?