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The ReQuest

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the 8 questions, and agree with our values and our co-operative, competence driven model, we invite you to read on.

The First Global TRANSCENDANCE is an invitation to social architects who yearn to be agents of positive change. If our values align and the principles of ‘team-play’ mean: working together to joyously co-create a meaningful plan; a group where responsibilities are competence driven; where agreements are clear; and results are meaningful and measurable; profits shared and benefits infinite. The world needs true educators, those who know how to send out a message that emboldens authenticity. It’s time for the next generation of social architects —teachers, coaches, wisdom keepers, sages, consultants, therapists of every ilk, yogis, HR professionals, counsellors, ministers, physicians, healers, mediators, and trainers and marketing pros— all who know learning is lifelong, and realise they can use their voice to carry a message of Love, and unity through diversity into the world.

We know what we want and dare to feel, think and do knowing this knowledge is the catalyst that ends adversity.

What do you want?