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Divine Nature. Natural Human.

How often do you decide to fight change, determined to take a chance and make a choice even though a big part of you knows isn’t in your best interest? While you celebrate birthdays, holidays and Mother Nature’s seasons and cycles, the self-induced suffering that comes from resisting time is universal. The cause of most painful consequences is found in the fact that not one of us showed up with our instruction booklet attached to our umbilical cord.

Our team found, verified, and published the universal instruction manual!


While the book addresses the complexity, we work with it’s ‘equal knot opposite’, simplicity. Understanding the eleven-fundamental principles that define the eight universal laws of how everything is connected, make it clear why you are the only person authorised to write your life rules. This template of origin is the blueprint for Conscious Co-Operation, and is how we shall renew self-understanding in real time, learning to grow with the flow as we transform ourselves and our realationships. Hearing, flowing and growing with this Pattern is how and what we bring to the global village.