ReMembership. Knowership.

TRANSCENDANCE is a 21-day life-affirming experience in growing true ‘knowership’ through relationships.

It’s ‘re-membering’, reconnecting the power of ‘intimacy’ we define as “In time I see.” It is being in the present moment, harnessing the courage to remember and grow deep and meaningful realationships that have the power to endure. It’s learning to flow and grow in harmony with Universe’s soundtrack, dancing with strangers who quickly become familiars and will transform into a healthy functional Family.

Participants arrive committed to being sparks that together ignite a global grassroots fire, a river of light that begins to spread a message of how to love. Such knowledge cannot be extinguished.

Phase One

Phase I is ‘initiation’, the first part of a certification programme where learning leads to earning an ‘Agreement to ConsciouslyCo-Operate’. It’s a path towards becoming a member of the team working to apply the Mereon Matrix across the social sciences. It means working closely with the those who have invested over three decades testing and modelling the scientific foundation this method builds on. This experience is an opportunity to come together to identify shared values and articulate a mutual mission. Understanding our strengths and vulnerabilities, using our core competencies we’ll dream, innovate and co-create as we feel, think, plan and do!