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 When & Where

01 September - 22 September 2019, Italy

Time is your most precious resource and every breath is a promissory note you dare not confuse with a promise.

Meet us in Rome on 31 August 2019!

Making and taking time to learn while growing relationships that nurture all your senses is what TranscenDance is all about. Conscious Co-Operation Italy is an intimate, co-creative adventure. This experience will inspire you to open to new possibilities and help you learn how to build new habits in the context of realationships. It’s an opportunity to discover new paths to understanding, cultivating respect and growing trust. It’s a radical new approach to authenticity, taking what you think you know is true about yourself out for ‘test drive’ in real time!


Journeys include the local markets, restaurants, and tavernas. Day-trips to, University of Siena, Assisi, Florence, La Verna, Rome, and more are essential to the experience as we innovate and co-create transformative solutions.

While we have one place available at this time,
accommodations require that it must be a woman!