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First Things First

Our vision is a message of BeLonging. Conscious Co-Operation is how we envision engaging with those who are called to serve, working and playing together to build you vision on the solid scientific foundation we’ve spent three-decades establishing. Our experience validates how this template lets you grow deep and go as far as the diversity of competences found in those you choose to build with. TranscenDance is an opportunity to realise how nothing is different, and to learn to celebrate and honour differences growing true transcultural connections.

The document on the next page is a draft ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ we share to make our commitment clear. Answering what for many are today’s existential questions ‘What’s in it for me?’ and ‘Why should I care?’, it reflects the principle, of transparency and the values that what is co-produced must generate quality-of-life compensation for all who work to make it possible. Only then can benefits be realised as love expands in their relationships, family, community and beyond.

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Memorandum of Understanding

TRANSCENDANCE: Personal, Local & Global

Q: Can I experience TRANSCENDANCE without committing to becoming a team member?

A: Yes. The cost to participate in this 3-week, life-changing experience is €4,444.00 [+VAT]. It includes accommodation [double-occupancy], self-catered meals and tuition. Travel expenses to and from the venue, restaurant meals, alcohol, any admissions, and minor incidentals are extra but are affordable.

Send an email to for registration details.

Those Considering being a whole part of our team

Q: Do you have 99 people in your local sphere of influence who would accept an invitation to participate in a weekend event, there to ‘taste’ the feast you experienced over 21-days?

A: If so, hosting one local event with 33 people attending covers a significant portion —MAYBE ALL— of your cost to participate in TRANCENDANCE. The cost for social architects who commit to this programme is €3,333.00 + VAT.

Conscious Co-Operation Agreement (Draft)

This page presents a draft outline of the agreement to be formalised between you and the Mereon Legacy CIC (TMLCIC) as a ’Co-Facilitator’ and registered participant in The Global TRANSCENDANCE scheduled for Day____/Month___/Year____ in City_________County_________State_________Country_________. This agreement does not assign or transfer any TMLCIC intellectual property to the CF who desires to become a Social Science Principle Investigator via the Facilitator Certification Accreditation programme. The sole purpose of this page is to memorialise an informal agreement to work towards Consciously Co-Operation.

You Agree:

  1. To attend the Global TRANSCENDANCE;

  2. To pre-organise at least 3, local BELONGING experiences in the following calendar year;

  3. To arrange an appropriate host for the TMLCIC facilitator(s);

  4. To register a minimum of 33 paid participants for each 2-day event; Fee €333 p.p.

Your audience is individuals and/or groups who want to work on personal growth to develop healthy realationships. We recommend ‘Discovering Your Youniverse’ or EDUCARING as a first project as the fee for both is intentionally low enough to make the experiences easily accessible to global audiences.

TMLCIC Agrees:

  1. To binding dates for a “Local BELONGING’ events in your home region that help you pay for your first training experience and generate necessary funds that pay you and all TMLCIC expenses for local events.

  2. To send a team member to your community for at least seven (7) days on dates mutually agreed;

  3. Additional 12-hours of 1-on-1 training

  4. To co-facilitate a 2-day event with you for a minimum of 33 people

  5. That for every 3-paid participants over 33, you may offer two, half-fee scholarships to those willing to make fair energy exchange

  6. To offer a free, 1.5-hour evening presentation to the public; and

  7. To spend a total of 5-hours meeting with your local centres of influence.

Wellth that Includes & Transcends Wealth

If you as a social architect are willing to make this agreement, Phase I of Conscious Co-Operation is: € 3,333.00 + VAT.

If the agreement is unfulfilled and no local events are organised, you agree to pay the full €4,444.00 within 6 months of completing TRANSCENDANCE.