Everyone matters, Everyone counts.


Promise & Potential

"What BeLonging has brought out of our teachers, learners, schools and our community is almost unimaginable.”

Dr. Alessio Morassut, Retired
    Director of Elementary Schools
Mirano [Venice], Italy

Education is the cornerstone of civilization, and we will no longer allow this noble profession to be disparaged and depreciated, because its impact on future generations is incalculable. Lifelong learning is essential to building a social infrastructure that has the capacity to endure over time. BELONGING builds authenticity, develops character, and nurtures relationship skills, all of which are essential to leading. In a world driven by competition, separating winners from losers, BELONGING reveals connections and grows cooperation.

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.
— Albert Einstein

 True Solutions

local actions ARE felt globally. When the impact is  POSITIVE WHAT is meaningful BECOMES measurable.

  • Cultivating perspective through understanding
  • Positive and long-lasting change in learning environments
  • Meeting the complex problems facing our global learning environments straight on
  • Helping restore the ‘Call’ to learning and teaching
  • Presenting new knowledge that makes learning, unlearning and relearning fun    
  • Assisting in nurturing authenticity
  • Developing the competences necessary for healthy social interactions
  • Providing opportunities to learn how to make healthy decisions  
  • Co-creating experiences where simple solutions benefit everyone

Let's Play!

Belonging is a ‘game’ of roles and responsibilities that cultivates character and competence by helping students exercise responsibility for all social interaction in their classroom.

Students learn how to responsibly deal with challenges, and have the authority to implement change. They discover that true possibilities reside – and sometimes hide – in what seems impossible.

  • Healthy relationships are built from inside out

  • Diversity is essential to harmony

  • Authenticity is found in natural abilities

  • Co-creating a shared space reduces stress

  • Each person is an integral part of a Whole system

  • What they can accomplish together is imaginable


 The Classroom

Belonging is a solution for the challenges facing schools the world over. Why does it work? Because it’s fun!

BELONGING has been running for 14 years in elementary schools in Mirano, Italy, and is now in trials in other schools internationally. A team of dedicated individuals, organized into a not-for profit entity, are working to bring BELONGING to a broader audience in order to re-humanize education.

Individually, we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.
— Ryunosuke Satoro