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“I found the cure for burnout.” J. Rossi, Educator, California USA

EDUCARING recognises that the title ‘teacher’ is just one of the many roles educators play. They are someone’s ‘child', and may be a sibling. They may be known as ‘spouse’ or ‘parent’, and no doubt are called ‘friend’.  Teachers are unsung heroes for they willingly hold the hearts and hands of the future, the children who will soon inherit the planet.  

EDUCARING is an experience in personal and relational development. It is a time apart to honour members of this noble profession, acknowledging the fact that without healthy, happy, and sane teachers, civilisation fails. 

Too often underpaid and undervalued, teaching has become for many a thankless task. Educators who arrive at school only to have to go through metal detectors to get to their classroom have accepted a cosmic double dare; while earning PhDs in courage, tenacity and compassion every day, they also deal with debt and safety to insure your children and our future are secure.

The best teachers were called to teach and want nothing more than to call forth the magic that resides inside their students. Lifelong learners, good teachers know their job isn’t ‘to run a tight ship'; their purpose is to help build and nurture healthy kids as they learn and build relationships. The formal dimension isn't the hard part; the tough stuff is in the social domain. It is the soft stuff —harmony and chaos— that makes teachers want to come to school and stay or run away.

EDUCARING is a time out for educators to go inside and with a clear intent renew their hearts, rebuilding positive attitudes as they revive their spirit, renewing their call to teach. 

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