Love is thicker than blood.


“Blood is thicker than water.”


Just writing that felt like emotional manipulation, passing on the mental/spiritual distortion of a profound truth that someone decided to flip into an existential lie.

The true quote came from a man whose life was hanging in the balance as he served on the front lines of a war where he realised the most important people in his life at that moment were the ‘brothers’ serving beside him. What he actually said?

The blood of the covenant [promise] is thicker than the water of the womb.”

The blood that runs through us sometimes feels biononlogical. Love forever connects us to those who birthed us and those we give birth to. However, it is those who unconditionally love, accept and understand us who save us.

Loving is the actualisation of Love. One is blessed beyond words to know and flow in the elegant grace of Love that is ‘the blood of the covenant.’

Lynnclaire DennisLOVE