The Rainbow Connection: True and real but not a thing


Everything is connected. Nothing and no one —including you— is exempt from this universal law. An amazing rainbow connection threads through your body, linking your heart and brain, igniting your intuition and synchronising it with time so your spirit has wings to fly. Like all things this rainbow is nothing, equally real and true, its beauty to be appreciated rather than sought or held hold on to.

Stop for a moment and think about how facing a storm is the only way to see a rainbow.

When you’re in the middle of an emotional or mental storm and feel alone in the dark, it’s because of the blindness that descends when you close your eyes attempting to look into the light.

Find the courage to make a 180-degree turn and suddenly your path begins to clear. There before you is your shadow standing tall, true and as real as the rainbow. This isn’t an aspect of self to fear. It is evidence that you are walking in the light, its presence there to lead you into colours yet known.

This technicolour path weaves between the realm of fear too many mistake for black or white.

What is your colour? Use it to replace your fear of places others have told you painted in shades of dull grey. Your youniverse awaits your presence. Cultivate clarity and harness courage when making a decision and your youniverse fills with the colours you choose!